Ab sofort gibt es bei uns Frühstück, welches wir für euch mit viel Liebe am Berg zubereiten.

Kieneck Frühstück
In addition to classic cottage food such as roast pork, dumplings and Co. we always offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and lactose-free dishes and pastries.
The selection of soups, breads, game dishes and the variety of homemade pastries delight the hungry hiker. Cooked and roasted with us is quite traditional on the wood stove.
We love good food and therefore source most of our food and beverages from the local area.
The Landdrink natural juices come from Furth an der Triesting, from the Nötsch in Pernitz we get the Schneebergland meat, the game meat from our hunters and lentils we buy from family Flechl in Bad Fischau.
Our organic eggs are laid by the Talhammer family in Rohr am Gebirge, fresh goat cheese is produced by the Kenn family in Furth an der Triesting, and the bread is baked for us by the Baumgartner bakery in Pernitz. All year round the organic store Emile provides us with fresh organic vegetables. Coffee and tea come from Sonnentor.

Our herbs and many a vegetable come from our cottage garden.

In recent years, our love for schnapps has grown. We collect the ingredients for this in the surrounding area and start with spruce tips and woodruff, in late summer we continue with raspberries, elderberries and dirndls.
Various homemade juices complete our range of homemade products.